1. What is Altifi and why students are signing up?

Altifi is a brand focused around enabling financial success for college students using targeted financial education. The prepaid debit card is designed with the needs of students in mind. Students can get the right discounts and offers on purchases that are relevant to their needs as they work tirelessly to build their futures.

2. Do I need to be 18 years and older and have an SSN to open an account?

Yes and Yes, Alifi currently only supports students aged 18 years and older but we soon hope to move towards opening a debit card for all ages. We use your SSN to verify the identity of someone opening an account and we personally ensure that your data is handled in a sensitive and security-conscious way.

3. What makes an Altifi membership card so useful to students in college?

Altifi is by and for students, so the benefits and rewards we offer are specially designed to cater to people early in their financial journey. Why get a generic debit card when you have the opportunity to one that is geared specifically to the your needs?

4. Are there any fees for opening an account?

We do not charge any fees for opening a prepaid debit card account.*

5. Is it safe?

Yes, Altifi maintains safety in a number of ways. Your deposits are FDIC insured through our partner bank and their online banking platform has the best security features to protect your information and your money. We also register your Card for FDIC insurance eligibility and other protections.

7. What other future products and services will you offer?

We have a very dynamic roadmap with exciting products and services lined-up for students in the future, including a Credit Card**, Payment Rewards, Wealth Management and many more in the future.

*May not be applicable for international transactions: please refer to our fee details.